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Taiwan Academy

The Walker Institute is pleased to serve as the University of South Carolina's point of contact for the Taiwan Academy.

Brief Introduction:

In December 2011, the University of South Carolina was named a contact point for Taiwan Academy. Taiwan Academy encourages Chinese language teaching and the promotion of traditional Chinese characters; Taiwan studies and Sinology studies; and Taiwan’s diverse culture. For more information about Taiwan Academy, please visit the website.

About Taiwan Academy:

In order to construct an integrated information platform for Chinese culture, the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) established the Taiwan Academy in 2011. There are currently three contact centers and over 200 contact points in North America. Walker Institute of International and Area Studies at the University of South Carolina signed a contract with Taiwan government for becoming one of the 200 Taiwan Academy contact points. Taiwan Academy is a platform where the international community can learn about the comprehensive development and accomplishments of Taiwan. 

Taiwan Academy includes three major missions:

  1. Promoting Mandarin Chinese instruction and traditional Chinese characters. You can use online sources for learning Chinese. Please follow the link and instructions (E-learning).
  2. In order to encourage students and scholars to acquire degrees, or engage in research and language study, Taiwan Academy lists on the website several scholarship / grant applications. For instance, there are Taiwan Scholarships (for degrees) and Taiwan Fellowships (for research). Please check the website for more details.
  3. Taiwan Academy also plans to offer high quality cultural performances and learning activities in their resource centers, including painting appreciation, floral arrangement, film lectures, and artistic exhibitions. There are three resource centers in North America (New York, Los Angeles, and Houston).

Study Abroad:

The Study Abroad Program at the University of South Carolina offers different study abroad programs for students. One of the programs provides opportunities for intensive Mandarin Chinese at Taiwan Ming Chuan University. Students will have language courses as well as cultural activities offered by the Mandarin Studies and Culture Center at Ming Chuan University.

For more information, contact the Director of the Center for Asian Studies, Professor Michael G. Hill