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Walker Institute

Sponsored Conferences

Conferences sponsored by the Walker Institute are done through grants that are received in the application process for a Small Workshop Grant through the Faculty Grants applications that we have available.

Conferences in 2017-2018

59th Annual Conference of the American Association for Chinese Studies (AACS)

October 20-22, 2017

Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (SEC/AAS)

January 2017


Annual Conferences

Taiwan Conference

For more than 20 years, the Taiwan Studies Program has hosted the country’s premier annual conference on Taiwan and fostered enduring relationships with academic and government institutions in the island nation. Click here for more info. 


Past Conferences

International Conference: Developing Social Work in Mental Health Care in Vietnam in the Context of Global Integration

Hanoi, Vietnam - June, 2014
Co-organized by USC; Vietnam Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs; and the University of Labor and Social Affairs. Sponsored by the Walker Institute.


Studying Carolina, Africa, Rice and Slavery (SCARS)

Sept. 16-17, 2013

This workshop brought an international team of scholars together to discuss the historical and cultural links surrounding rice that bring South Carolina and the West African coast of modern Guinea and Sierra Leone together.  Archaeologists, historians, geographers, and anthropologists from West Africa and the United States discussed their research to explore: 

  1. the cultural knowledge concerning rice agriculture that was sought on the Guinean Coast
  2. the consequences of trans-Atlantic contacts between the Guinea Coast for the American Southeast
  3. the consequences of these contacts for the societies of the Guinea Coast.   

Topics Presented

"Cultural knowledge of rice cultivation and its transmission," by key presenters Dr. Judy Carney, Dr. Edda Fields-Black.

"Consequences of the exchange for the South East US," by key presenters Dr. Leland Ferguson, Dr. Daniel Littlefield.

"Consequences of the exchange for the Guinea Coast—archaeological and anthropological perspectives," by key presenters Dr. Christopher DeCorse, Dr. Kenneth Kelly, Elhadj Fall, Dr. Ed Carr.

"Consequences of the exchange for the Guinea Coast—historical perspectives," by key presenters Dr. Nymata Blyden, Dr. Bruce Mouser