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Selected Publications

Below are selected works from Dr. Cox that have been featured in several publications.

Ideas and Politics in Social Science ResearchIdeas and Politics in Social Science Research, co-edited with Daniel Béland, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2011.

Preface and Table of Contents

Introduction: Ideas and Politics, by Daniel Béland and Robert Henry Cox

 Social Policy in the Smaller European Union StatesSocial Policy in the New Europe: The Experience of Austria and the Smaller EU Members, co-edited with Gary B. Cohen, Ben Ansell and Jane Gingrich, London: Berghahn Books, 2011.
 Social Policy and AdministrationThe Path Dependence of an Idea: Why Scandinavian Welfare States Remain Distinct,” Social Policy and Administration, February 2004, 38(2): 204-219.
 World PoliticsThe Social Construction of an Imperative:  Why Welfare Reform Happened in Denmark And The Netherlands, But Not in Germany,” World Politics, April 2001, 53(3): 463-498. Translated and reprinted as  “La Construcción Social de un Imperativo:  Por Qué Ocurrio la Reforma del Bienestar en Dinamarca y Holanda Pero no en Alemania.”  Zona Abierta, (Verano 2006) nr. 114-115.
 GovernanceFrom Safety Net to Trampoline: Labor Market Activation in the Netherlands and Denmark.” Governance, October 1998, 11(4): 397-414.
 Journal of Social PolicyThe Consequences of Welfare Reform: How Conceptions of Social Rights Are Changing.” Journal of Social Policy, January 1998, 26(1): 1-16.) reprinted in Stephan Leibfried and Steffen Mau, eds., Welfare States: Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Volume I. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK, 2008.
 The Development of the Dutch Welfare StateThe Development of the Dutch Welfare State: From Workers' Insurance to Universal Entitlement.  Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1993.