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Global Studies B.A. Available for Fall 2016

Enroll in our new Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Studies at the University of South Carolina


The Global Studies major is a flexible, interdisciplinary degree that familiarizes students with the complex historical and contemporary relationships and processes that link together people and places. By focusing on themes relating to globalization, this major also encourages students to recognize and to appreciate the world’s diversity. To achieve this end, this major requires students to focus on a particular world region and to attain proficiency in a modern foreign language. The overall aim of this degree is to foster in students a critical, global outlook that will allow them to engage with pressing global questions and to thrive in an interconnected world.

Structure of the Degree

The Global Studies degree has four main components. Together, these prepare students for careers where an understanding of urgent global issues is required, and where an ability to work with people from a variety of cultures is indispensable.

These components are:

 1. A focus on major global issues. At USC, we have identified four major global themes and classes that provide students with an understanding of these themes:

  • Global Development and Sustainability Studies
  • Global Health Studies
  • Global Conflict and Security Studies
  • Global Cultural Studies

 2. Deep understanding of a world region, and the cultures, social practices, and current challenges in that region.

  • African Studies
  • Asia Studies
  • European Studies
  • Middle East and North Africa (Islmaic World Studies)
  • Latin American Studies
  • Russia and Eurasian Studies

 3. Proficiency in a foreign language. Global Studies majors will achieve proficiency in a foreign language, allowing them to study, work, travel and/or conduct research outside of the United States.

 4. Integrated opportunities for study abroad. Global Studies majors are encouraged to study abroad. Doing so builds regional and cultural awareness, and enhances language acquisition. The work students do overseas is integrated into their program of study.


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