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Ceny Walker Graduate Travel Grant

Due in February 2018, advertisement will display in Fall 2017

Ceny Walker Graduate Travel Grant - Not Available for Academic Year 2016-2017

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Purpose: To provide supplemental support to exceptionally well-qualified graduate students with well-constructed international study or research proposals related to a thesis or dissertation. Applicants may apply to support advanced foreign language study or conduct international research using local language resources. Preference will be given to proposals that show how this project will lead to applications for external funding.

Eligibility: All currently enrolled graduate students proposing appropriate international research.

Travel Grant Information: TBA

This travel grant will only be in the form of a travel authorization at USC. Graduate students must request to file a travel authorization through The Walker Institute prior to their travel date. In most cases our Institute will book and pay for the flight and/or mileage in advance and registration/conference fees if applicable. All other expenditures that are incurred by the graduate student will be reimbursed to the student in check form once all of the original receipts have been submitted to The Walker Institute within 5 days of the graduate student’s return. If original receipts are not submitted funds will not be reimbursed.

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The travel grant can support such activities as advanced language study, research using local language source materials, and other international research pursuits. Short-term research scholarships and travel, May-mester courses, and conference participation cannot be supported by this travel grant. Although students may apply for multiple travel grants, each student will only receive one travel grant. Please be aware that in accordance with ACAF 2.09, you will need to register your international travel in the Student International Travel Registry maintained by the Study Abroad Office before your expected departure date. In addition, you will be required to obtain international emergency travel insurance from the University’s authorized vendor. For projects that require IRB approval, funds will not be advanced and/or reimbursed until approval has been granted. Samples of previously funded applications are available for review at The Walker Institute’s office in Gambrell Hall, suite 251. All awardees will be asked to submit photos and a brief report on their activities following their return to campus.