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Asian Studies

Center for Asian Studies

The South Carolina Center for Asian Studies was established in 1994 as a focal point for promoting research, teaching, and service on international and cross-cultural issues and problems in Asia.

This center serves as a forum to provide focus for future cooperation and exchanges between South Carolina, the United States, and Asian nations. Over the years, the Center for Asian Studies has sponsored conferences, invited distinguished scholars, arranged and sponsored field trips, and recruited talented students. It has also initiated and sustained a number of important collaborative research and exchange agreements with academic centers throughout Asia.

This center is a self-supporting unit. Thanks to the generosity of supporters in the United States, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea, and elsewhere, the Center establishes significant endowments for operational expenses and fellowships. It supports students from the United States, China, Taiwan, Korea, and other Asian countries working towards graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines. It also offers a minor in Asian studies for Arts and Sciences students. A large number of the Center's international graduates have returned to their home countries and become very active in local and national politics and academic activities.

For more information, contact the Director of the Center for Asian Studies.