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Latin American Studies Minor

This minor requires 18 credit hours from the categories listed below. As a minor or cognate, Latin American Studies richly complements majors in many other fields, including Anthropology, Business, Geography, GINT, History, Journalism, and Spanish. Students minoring in LASP need to complete language study (in Spanish or Portuguese) through the 200-level and complete 18 hours of coursework from at least two disciplines offering courses in LASP.

Courses with a check mark next to them are offered for Fall Semester 2017

Approved Courses Crosslisted with LASP and Approved Departmental Courses (not Crosslisted with LASP). Special Topics Courses-Courses with appropriate content may be applied with permission of the Director, click here to email LASP Director


The interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies requires a minimum of 18 credit hours. Because LASP is an interdisciplinary program, we encourage students to take LASP courses offered in the academic disciplines of history, political science, anthropology, geography, literature and languages, and additional areas as they are offered. Coursework in at least two disciplines is required for the minor. Students pursuing the minor in Latin American Studies are required to select Spanish or Portuguese as their language of study, and they must complete at least one 3-hour course at the 200-level in that language. The 200-level course (or equivalent demonstration of language proficiency) is considered a prerequisite for the minor and will not count as part of the 18 hours. Examples of courses offered regularly that could be taken by students minoring in LASP are listed below. In addition to these, there are often Special Topics courses appearing on the course schedule as sections of LASP 398.




Offered Fall 2017

LASP 311

Latin American Cultures


LASP 322

Mesoamerican Prehistory

LASP 331

Geography of Latin America


LASP 342

Modern Latin America


LASP 351

Politics and Governments of Latin America


LASP 361

Spanish American Civilization


LASP 371

Literary Tendencies and Masterpieces of Spanish America


LASP 451

International Relations of Latin America



Courses pertinent to Latin American Studies but not listed as LASP courses may be approved for credit in the minor, if appropriate, by the LASP Director.

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