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College of Arts & Sciences
Walker Institute

Islamic World Studies

The South Carolina Islamic World Studies Program focuses on those countries and regions in which Muslims constitute either the majority of the population or form a significant minority group.

Islamic World Studies at USC covers North Africa, East Africa, Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. These disparate places have been tied together over centuries through vast networks created by trade, imperialism, religion, and human migration.

In conjunction with the Walker Institute of International and Area Studies, the program sponsors a series of lectures and colloquia that each year brings to campus scholars in a variety of disciplines related to Islam and Muslim peoples, as well as other cultural events that are open to the University community and the public alike.

Many of the faculty affiliated with the Islamic World Studies Program welcome opportunities to share their expertise on Islam and the Muslim world with civic organizations and church or school groups interested in learning more.

For more information, contact the Director of the Islamic World Studies.