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College of Arts & Sciences
Walker Institute

European Studies Minor

This minor requires 18 credit hours from the categories listed below, which consists of 6 credit hours of the required courses below and 12 credit hours of the elective courses below. Advisement is mandatory with the European Studies Program Director.

Courses with a check mark next to them are offered for Fall Semester 2017

For advisement, email the director of the European Studies Program, click here to email! Note: majors and minors may petition to substitute courses not on this list (e.g., special topics courses, May Term courses).




Offered Fall 2017

EURO 300

Introduction to European Studies


2 European Language courses of 200-level or higher or equivalent (6 hours)

 Select three courses involving more than one discipline and
focusing on more than one country from the following list:



Offered  Fall 2017

ARTH 315

History of Medieval Art


ARTH 320

History of Italian Renaissance Art

ARTH 321

History of Northern Renaissance Art


ARTH 325

History of Southern Baroque Art


ARTH 326

History of Northern Baroque Art


ARTH 327

History of 18th Century Art


ARTH 330

History of 19th Century Art

ARTH 335

History of 20th Century Art

ECON 303

The International Economy


ECON 408

History of Economic Thought


ENGL 390

Great Books of the Western World I

ENGL 391

Great Books of the Western World II


ENGL 400

Early English Literature


ENGL 401


ENGL 402

Tudor Literature


ENGL 403

The 17th Century


ENGL 404

English Drama to 1660


ENGL 405

Shakespeare's Tragedies

ENGL 406

Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories


ENGL 407



ENGL 410

The Restoration and 18th Century


ENGL 411

British Romantic Literature

ENGL 412

Victorian Literature


ENGL 413

Modern English Literature

ENGL 414

English Drama Since 1660


ENGL 415

The English Novel I

ENGL 416

The English Novel II


ENGL 419

Topics in English Literature


Scottish Literature



Irish Literature



Caribbean Literature


HIST 306

Medieval Europe, ca. 300-1492


HIST 307

Family and Society in Europe, c. 1200-1700


HIST 308

Magic and Witchcraft in Europe, c. 1200-1700


HIST 311

The Age of Absolutism, 1648-1789


HIST 312

French Revolution and Napoleon


HIST 313

The Enlightenment


HIST 316

Nineteenth-Century Europe


HIST 317

Contemporary Europe from World War I to World War II

HIST 318

Europe from World War II to the Present


HIST 320

The History of Great Britain

HIST 321

The History of Great Britain


HIST 328

Nineteenth-Century Britain


HIST 329

Modern and Contemporary Britain


HIST 333

France Since 1815


HIST 338

Modern Germany

HIST 342

The Slavs in History


HIST 343

The Fall of the Eastern European Empires


HIST 344

Eastern Europe Since WWI


HIST 370

The Napoleonic Wars (1796-1815)


HIST 374

Nationalism: Myth and Reality


HIST 375

Nazis and Fascists in European History, 1919-1945


HIST 376

War and European Society, 1914-1945


HIST 377

Business in Historical Perspective


HIST 378

Urban Experience in Modern Europe


HIST 385

The Expansion of Christianity


GEOG 225

Geography of Europe

MUSC 353

History of Western Music I

MUSC 354

History of Western Music II

POLI 302

Classical and Medieval Political Theory


POLI 381

Comparative Politics of Industrialized Countries


POLI 391

Topics in Political Science

POLI 440

Russian Foreign Policy


POLI 480

Politics and Government of Russia


POLI 481

Politics and Governments of Europe


RELG 373

Literature and Film of the Holocaust


THEA 561

History of the Theatre I

THEA 562

History of the Theatre II



-European Language courses of 300-level or higher: Content courses – culture, literature, history, etc. – not counted toward the EURO language requirement may be counted toward the major, as well as equivalent courses taken abroad or taught in translation.
-Students minoring in European Studies may petition to substitute courses not on this list (e.g., special topics courses, May Term courses). Contact European Studies Director Jeff Persels at For more information, visit

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