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African Studies Program

African Studies

The South Carolina African Studies Program is a vibrant and growing center of research, teaching, and community outreach.

With an outstanding faculty and a recognized commitment to interdisciplinary inquiry, the Program is dedicated to fostering scholarship and engagement with African politics, history, and culture. We invite you to join our efforts.

Indaba - The African Studies Colloquium Series

For faculty and students, the African Studies hosts a colloquium series – Indaba – that features talks and lectures by visiting scholars and USC faculty and students. Click here for more events.


The Mining of Africa – The 2013-14 African Studies Reading Group

This year, the USC African Studies reading group will continue its work on the “mining of Africa.” Africa’s continent’s mineral resources are an indispensable element of the global economy. From cell phones to nuclear weapons, the continent’s mines are an engine of the world’s economy and a crucial factor in international relations and security politics. Despite this influence, the countries of Africa often have little say over the extraction and distribution of the continent’s riches. Driven by colonial, post-colonial, and multinational forces, the mining of Africa has left deep scar on the continent’s landscape and has come at a substantial human cost.

The African Studies reading group is open to interested faculty and students. To join the group, just send us an email ( The year’s first meeting of the reading group will be convened in late September.  Readings for the year may include Wilmot James's Our Precious Metal, Bonnie Campbell’s Mining in Africa, and Nnimmo Bassey’s To Cook a Continent.